Thankyou, from the bottom of my heart for being the epitome of strength, kindness and wisdom. You’re the greatest balance of insanity and tranquility and one of the world’s most wondrous wanderers. You pull me through the mud time and time again and I am eternally grateful for that.
Here’s to best friends.

Fuck my fringe.

I wish I could share Christmas with everyone I love. I received this Finn t-shirt from my sweetheart grateartishorseshit and pulled it on straight away, here’s hoping I get through the eve without spilling dinner or beer on it.

One glorious year.
This is more accurate.
This doesn’t look a thing like me.

This is my slightly more organised tumblr featuring all my own artwerk, always appreciative of any criticism or feedback. Giz a look.


‘Palm Reader’ page from my sketchbook.

Reblogging myself shamelessly.
My hair falls somewhere between the categories of lion’s mane and burnt straw. Send help.
It was sunny, I was happy believe it or not. Hur.
Trying to be neat…ended up looking awkward.


Gnarled up tooth; Charlie Heselton, 2012.

This is mine and Dan Gatens’ (@DonGootens) shared tumblr for our progressively time-consuming passtime, tattooing. The tooth was my second tattoo after only a short time of practice. Follow Doomandgloomtattoo for more updates.

I draw on other people now too. My first tooth tattoo.
Opaque  by  andbamnan